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Upstream IPTV reseller

If you have a few hundred dollars and want to start a good business, think about IPTV Reseller . It’s a great choice. You can spend some time on it and make money. If you have more time, you can make even more money. In the past, starting an IPTV business was hard. You had to find customers, provide services, and fix problems. But now, it’s much easier. You can start with very little money and have all the tools you need for success.

How to to Become IPTV Reseller?

Choose Your Package

Your journey begins by selecting the package that fits your budget and needs.

Get Started

We'll set up your IPTV reseller panel, add your credits, and provide hands-on training

Ongoing Support

We're here for the long run, offering continuous support to help you grow your business.

Credit Map

1 Month = 1 Credit
3 Months = 3 Credits
6 Months = 6 Credits
12 Months = 12 Credits

How Credits System works?

  • For example there are 120 Credits in your IPTV reseller panel.
  • You sell a one-month subscription to your customer for $$$ Dollars.
  • By creating a one-month line 1 Credit will be deducted from your panel and 119 credits will remain.
  • You earn $$$ Dollars and you lose 1 Credit.
  • Get Started with 120 Credits ( panel Setup Free )

Why UPSTREAM IPTV Reseller Program?

Best IPTV reseller in UK USA UK

At an average cost of just $2 – 3$ per 1 Credit (1 Month), IPTV resellers can set prices from $10 to $18, guaranteeing a profit margin of up to 700%.

Partnering with us, the leading IPTV reseller in Canada and the USA & UK, ensures your success.

We’re more than just an IPTV Service supplier; we’re dedicated to your prosperity. 

Our success thrives on your success. Let us guide you to sell more and offer the best quality service, ensuring a lucrative journey for you as our valued reseller. 

Channels & VOD

More Than 20,000+ Channels And More Than 100,000+ Movies And TV Shows From 50 Different Countries.

Most Stable Server

We have over 100 best and stable servers, so you don't need to be concerned about server stability

Work on All Devices

Thier Favorite Shows And Channels On Any Device, From Any Location.

Pricing Plans

Advanced Server | Reasonable Cost

120 Credits

$249 USD


$400 USD

Contac US

240 Credits

$399 USD


$800  USD

Contac US

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360 Credits

$599 USD


$1200 USD

Contac US

Want more than 360 credits? Special offers await you!

For more than 360  Credits, please contact us for a special, highly profitable offer tailored to your needs. We're here to help you make the most of your IPTV business

Save and Gain more profits With UPSTREAM TV

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High-Quality, Cost-Effective

At Upstream TV,  we don’t just resell IPTV – we deliver the best price paired with the utmost quality, ensuring our customers’ satisfaction. Join us for an unparalleled IPTV experience

Boost Your Earnings:

Experience Profit Margins of Over 100% with Us!

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Comparing Costs and Profits: How We Outshine Competitors in the IPTV Reseller Arena